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Tribe Dollz

Here are some dollz I've done. I Hope you enjoy them.

Bases from

While you won't find these actual bases at, they were made from some of the artist's work. If you would like the bases, email me.

Please respect my artwork and do not steal my dollz. If you'd like to display a doll on your site, email me for that as well.

**Note: Melanie is not a character in "The Tribe," just my own character.

Other Dollz

This was a doll I entered for an Oscars contest...never did find out who won that...Base is also from Misuya.

Something Totally Different
But In Fact Really The Same

This Lex doll was a Christmas gift I made last year for a very dear friend. Although I enjoyed making it for her,
please don't ask me to make one for you, since I'm busy enough as it is. Thanks!

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